This video talks about the many locations and options available for our Elopement services.

Transcript of the Video:

Hi, everybody, I wanted to get on here today and talk about locations. 

Sometimes I get people asking if they don’t see a location on the website, listed in one of the packages, if that means that we don’t offer ceremonies there. We can do a ceremony pretty much anywhere in town that allows ceremonies with outside photographers, and for us to coordinate it. So if something isn’t listed, then all you have to do is reach out to us. We should know if we’re able to do it or not, but sometimes it takes a little while to get the pricing on that. We do have a locations page (on our website) that you can click through and see various different locations that we know allow weddings, and we’re familiar with the pricing. 

There’s all kinds of places on there ranging from the chapels, to Cactus Joe’s, to the Neon Museum, Red Rock, Valley of Fire. You can even do somewhere on a public sidewalk in front of an art mural. I have one of those coming up in March, so you’ll get to see that on our social media. So if you don’t see something, but you’re interested in it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us because I’m sure we can accommodate it. 

There’s always new places in town. There’s lots of places that are non-traditional. But especially if you’re eloping and you only have just the two of you, or a very small number of guests, then some places will allow you to do your ceremony there. For example, Atomic Liquors, it’s downtown and a great spot. And they don’t have a specific fee, or certain rules necessarily. Kind of depends on the day, and the time, and everything. But they are pretty flexible. So if the two of you just want to do a quick ceremony on their little patio, and then get a drink after, then that’s something that we can set up. So just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean that we can’t do it. We just have the most popular packages listed and places like Red Rock or Valley of Fire because we know what those fees are going to be. Like the Short and Sweet package or the Rock and Roll package, you can pick pretty much any location and then it’s just going to have an extra fee on top of what we allocate for the officiant, and the location, and the package.

So we’re excited to try new places! And as new places become available, we’ll be updating. I have a couple of site visits to do soon. And we will actually be offering elopements at the Bellagio, one of their outdoor patios overlooking the fountains. So that’s exciting, that’s coming soon! I’m going to be doing a site visit and I’ll be able to take some photos to show you what it looks like and what the price on that is going to be. So thank you for watching or reading and let us know if there’s any exciting place that you’re getting married that we haven’t heard of, or do you have any questions, or you’re just wanting to know if something’s an option. Basically the only things that are not options, for sure, are the chapels inside the hotel and casinos on the Strip. They have a specific contract with one photography company and they have in house planners so you wouldn’t really need us for that anyways. But, those are pretty much the only ones so I can’t wait to work with you all and meet you soon. Thank you!

Las Vegas Elopement Locations

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