Las Vegas Elopement Packages at Bellagio Fountain

This video introduces the Bellagio Fountains as a new location for our all inclusive elopement packages in Las Vegas.

Transcript of the video:

Hi, everybody! I just wanted to share about one of our newest locations for your Las Vegas elopement. We’re offering ceremonies at the Terrazza balcony at the Bellagio. So this balcony is on top of the Prime restaurant. It’s over by the shopping area of the Bellagio and it overlooks the Paris, the strip, and the fountain area of the Bellagio. There’s two small balconies, you can fit up to 30 guests there. There are some limitations and additional fees depending on how many guests you have. So there is a reduced rate Monday through Thursday, or Monday through Friday, if you get married at 10 or 11am. But you can’t have a fountain show to happen during your ceremony until noon or later. So you can request to have a fountain show that happens during your ceremony, I would set that up for you when we book your ceremony there.

Plan to spend around $1,000 for this location. It really depends on the day and the time. Anything after like 4pm does incur an after hours fee through the Bellagio, so it depends on the day and that would be a fee that we would discuss. They also do require if you have guests (so if it’s more than just like the two of you, and the photographer, officiant, videographer) then there is a fee for another onsite coordinator of $200. Because they do require that someone stays at the door to the entrance so that you don’t have people walking out there and interrupting your ceremony.

We have all this information listed on our website under the locations, but I did want to share about it because it is exciting! A lot of people want to get married in front of the fountains or they want to take photos in front of the fountains. And the Bellagio is actually really strict about photography on property. Their regular chapel is contracted with a specific photography company and that’s the only one that can shoot there. But on this balcony, there is some availability for other photographers, other wedding coordinators to set up weddings. 

One of the really awesome things is that you get a PhotoPass for the day of your wedding. So once the ceremony time is booked, then you have 24 hours from that to take photos on the Bellagios property. (So something that usually is not able to happen) Like I personally will not do photos on Bellagios property because I know that I would get stopped and it just wouldn’t be a good experience. So by having your ceremony there, you’re able to take photos all around. You can take photos outside by the fountains, anywhere around the property except for by the pool so it is really awesome to have that added on.

The balcony, it’s beautiful. It’s just like natural, muted colors. You can have small floral decor if you would like, they prefer to keep it on the minimal side of things. But if you have something in mind, we can definitely talk about it. So I’m really excited to share this with everybody! 

The prices for the different times and the different days are up on the website. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. And if you’re thinking about getting married at the Bellagio, or getting pictures, or a ceremony with the fountains behind you, now is the time. So reach out to us! One thing I did want to mention, sometimes the fountains don’t go off if there is some type of technical issue, if it is very windy, or if there’s a special event outside. So those are all things that could potentially affect the fountain situation, but most things you’ll know in advance if there’s an event. The weather is something we can’t tell in advance, but you’ll still get a beautiful ceremony location. Can’t wait to help you out with that, Thank you!

Las Vegas Elopement Packages at Bellagio Fountain

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