This video discuses Elopement Packages at Las Vegas chapels, Sure Thing Chapel, and A Little White Chapel rules.

Transcript of the Video:

Hi everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these videos, and I have a few updates mainly about three venues, two chapels, and the Punk Rock Museum. 

As far as the punk rock Museum, their hours. So they have morning and nighttime ceremony times, and that’s the only time. Their nighttime ceremony used to be 11pm and was the only option. Now they changed their hours and the nighttime ceremony can be at 8pm. Which is actually great because 11pm is kind of late and doesn’t always work for everybody. So if you want to get married there, at night, it is at 8pm. 

Sure Thing Chapel recently changed their policies a little while ago. They’re simple ceremony is only available like the first part of the day. So if you want to get married later in the day (which is what we usually aim for, like leading up to sunset around that time) you do have to go with one of their larger packages. So just keep that in mind when you are booking. Sure Thing does allow outside photographers, and it’s one of the only two chapels that we really book with. So there is an additional fee on top of one of our packages to do that. You just have to enquire with us for what that is. 

The last updates are with A Little White Chapel. They had a meeting with a lot of us recently to go over some of the updates. So I wanted to let everybody know that here. 

You do have to check in 30 minutes prior to your ceremony. When we work out the timeline for you we’ll help with that. Sometimes you can check in, and then we could do photos outside during that 30 minute wait time. It just depends on your whole plan for the day. If you do arrive there 30 minutes prior (which you’re supposed to, as well as any guests that you have) make sure to let them know that you do have a professional photographer coming so that they do not try to rush you to go earlier. Sometimes if you’re there early, they will see if you want to have your ceremony early if everybody’s there. But if you’re waiting on your photographer, you cannot do your ceremony early. They will sometimes maybe put a little bit of pressure if they’re trying to do it, but if you tell them that you’re waiting on a photographer, then they know that that can’t happen. 

You cannot do a first look during your ceremony. I think I’ve talked about this before. So if you want to do a first look, we have to do it before. It has to be before your 30 Minute check in. So sometimes if people want that captured, we can do it at your hotel. Or you can arrive to the chapel like 40 minutes early and we can do a first look before your ceremony.

As far as number of guests. So, number of guests includes yourselves as the couple, your photographer, and then any other guests that you have. The officiant is the only person that doesn’t technically count because they’re staff of the chapel. So, The Little White Chapel inside, the Tunnel of Love, and the Pink Cadillac… they have a maximum of 20 people. So that means besides the two of you and your photographer, you can only have 17 guests. So that is a maximum. If you have more than 20 guests, then there’s only one place and that’s the Amore chapel where you can have your ceremony and they have a max of 60 people. So between 20 and 60 people, that’s where you have to have your ceremony. If you have more than 60 people, you cannot have your ceremony there. So people would either have to not come to your ceremony or something, or you’d have to get married somewhere else. They are offering that you can book for photos only if you have booked a ceremony. So some people say they want to book the Little White Chapel, but then they also want pictures in the Tunnel and then the Pink Cadillac. You can book a 15 minute time slot, it’s the same price as if you were going to have your ceremony there. So that’s the way to ensure that you have 15 minutes to take photos in the Tunnel and the Pink Cadillac and everything. They have said that if it’s not busy, and there’s nobody there when you go, if you want to take pictures in other areas, and they’re available, then they will allow that, but there’s no way to know. So if you want to guarantee that and you know you definitely want it, then I recommend that we book your ceremony and then another basically ceremony, even though nothing will happen. 

If you arrive late you may forfeit your chance to have a ceremony. I mean, they’ll do their best to accommodate you. It depends on how busy it is. Also, if you have Elvis booked as your officiant and you’re late, Elvis may be lined up with a bunch of ceremonies. So there is a risk that you will lose out on all the bookings if you arrive late. 

They are not allowing any photos on property if you’re not having a ceremony there. So keep that in mind. Sometimes people like to go take pictures around the area, but if you don’t have a ceremony booked, they will not allow it. And they’re finding ways to have it clear if someone’s having a ceremony there with a sign or something. So I do not recommend going if you’re not having a ceremony. 

So there is additional fees for additional guests. Basically anything from 11-20 guests is an additional $100. The other fees are included as part of the package. We include like the basic package and all of our Short and Sweet our Rock’n’Roll package has the basic Little White Chapel ceremony with no guests, and your officiant, and either those small chapel, or the Tunnel, or in the Pink Cadillac and the tunnel. If you have additional guests, anything above the couple to 10 sometimes incur an additional $100 fee. It just depends on what specific package it is. And then definitely anything over 10 guests is for sure gonna be another $100. And due to credit card fees and all that, we actually have to charge $225 to process all of that. So it’s a total of $125 for you to add an additional 10 guests. 

Things are changing, and they’re updating stuff, and they’re making it a little bit nicer, and they have some new check in procedures. So feel free to check with us any questions that you have, but we’ll try to keep you up to date with everything. And thankfully they are still allowing outside photographers, which is amazing because as you know, there really is only the two chapels that allow it without charging a huge fee and that’s why we always try to recommend those and that’s who we like to book with. So thanks for watching this video and we hope to meet with you soon!

Elopement Packages at Las Vegas Chapels

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