Today we are going to discuss our BTS Social Video Coverage. BTS stands for Behind the Scenes. This add-on includes one person on site to capture video clips on a phone for social media. We also include one TikTok or Reel per hour booked.

There are many reasons why we recommend booking BTS Social Video Coverage. It offers relaxation for the couple, long-lasting memories, shareable content, and a unique perspective of your special day.

Plenty of our couples decide to come to Vegas alone and keep their wedding day a secret from friends and family. Instead of worrying about capturing videos and memories of the day, you can rely on us to capture those moments for you. You can put your phone away and really enjoy the moment with your partner.

There is a difference between our BTS videos and professional videography. Our goal is to create fun and carefree content for you to share on online platforms. BTS video is more flexible and relaxed, like you brought a friend along to capture the memorable moments of your day.

It is $150 per hour to book our BTS Social Video Coverage. After booking you’ll be able to decide which song you want us to make your TikTok or Reel to. You also decide if you want the video to be a mixture of videos and your professional photos OR just video clips put together. You will also receive all of the videos we took during the time booked so you can make your own videos or save them for your own memories!

We have shared some of our BTS social videos on our Instagram and TikTok. Feel free to check them out with the links below. If you would like to book this add-on feel free to reach out through our ‘Contact’ tab on our website.

Links to Our Socials:

Link to our Instagram:

Link to our TikTok:

Behind the Scene Video Examples:

BTS Chanel and Niko:

BTS Gill and Darren:

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