We are throwing it back to Laycie and Cody’s unforgettable Valley of Fire elopement. In the vibrant desert landscapes they celebrated their love in a way that was uniquely theirs. Laycie and Cody were unlike any other couple we’ve worked with. They brought their individual style to life on their wedding day.

Laycie and Cody’s Inspiration

Laycie and Cody were truly themselves on their wedding day and you could see that through their photos. Before the wedding Cody said, “Ultimately, we wanted an experience that was uniquely our own with the people we love the most.” This set the tone for a day that was not only visually stunning but deeply meaningful.

Some words they used to describe their day ​​were desert chic, modern western, and edgy boho. The result was a celebration that perfectly mirrored their personalities and the connection they share. Their photos tell a story of a day filled with love, individuality, and the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings.

Why Valley of Fire?

The Valley of Fire is perfect for anyone who appreciates nature, adventure, an intimate atmosphere, and a unique setting. The Valley of Fire is conveniently located near the city of Las Vegas. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from the strip. This venue is perfect for couples who want the best of both worlds. A wedding in nature combined with other activities or events in the city of Las Vegas!


We were so honored to be a a part of the planning process for Laycie and Cody’s elopement. The vendors for this wedding are so talented and were specifically chosen. The hair and makeup was provided by Glammed Up Vegas. The florals were provided by Mylo Fleur. The photographer was Jamie Y Photography.


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